Coming in Early 2024 - Springfield, Virginia

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4 Days of Training plus a day of feedback/group film-study with Div I and Div II Coaches from Spain (2023 FIFA World Cup winners)

About The Combine

The upcoming (2024) Third Annual Pro-Soccer Combine is a unique opportunity for elite-level , female soccer players seeking to play professional soccer in Europe to showcase their technical skill, soccer acumen, athleticism, fitness/endurance, and physical strength in the presence of UEFA Pro-licensed coaches from Spain, whom have coached or managed Division I and Division II teams in Spain.

Our distinguished guests from Spain will be:

  • Tito Irribaren, the former GM of C.A. Osasuna (Top team in Div.II in Spain) and the current chief scout for Athletico de Bilbao (Div.I in Spain)
  • Igor San Miguel, who is the former head coach of Real Sociedad (Div.I in Spain)
The Combine will be filmed (possibly live-streamed) and video links will be sent to a myriad of top European soccer clubs, which have a strong relationship with, and usually offer contracts to players from, the O.R.T.A. Professional Soccer Academy.
By attending you will have an opportunity:

  • To be selected for the Academy for the 2024 Season;
  • To earn a tryout with an affiliated European soccer club;
  • To sign a contract with an affiliated European soccer club


  • Fitness Tests and Athletic Training
    • Aerobic and Anaerobic Testing
    • Heart-Rate Monitoring
  • Athletic Testing
    • Speed and Agility Drills
    • Strength Testing
  • Technical Drills
    • Shooting/Finishing Accuracy
    • Passing Accuracy (one-touch/two-touch) under pressure
    • Chipping Accuracy
    • Dribbling (speed/control) & Shielding the ball
  • Technical/Tactical Analysis
    • Small-Sided Games (3v3, 4v4, 5v5)
    • 11v11 Showcase Games


We will provide you with complete details and
an information kit by email.

Combine will be held in:

Springfield, VA


T. (+1)(703) 302-0594